Influencers Make or Break Events

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Why do we call it pre drinks?

Changes in the nightclub industry: Is 'pre-gaming' killing you?

It can be easy to think change isn’t necessary when there is no immediate problem-but success in any industry is down to ongoing and continuous innovation and embracing change. The nightlife industry is unlike any other industry; the level of competition is fierce and the market is volatile, nightclubs close down at an astonishing rate,… Read more »

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You may have heard us...

This week we were the featured startup on The Profit Margin Podcast, hosted by Jim Fitzpatrick. You can listen now here. You’ll find us around 24 minutes in. domain generator

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Unless you were born well before the internet boom of 1991 (sorry grandma) I’m sure you are aware of the dangers of accessing the internet and the threats we face from viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware. No, these aren’t a sequence of words describing symptoms of the flu, a farm yard animal or a… Read more »

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But what makes us different?...

Not to blow our own woodwind instrument or anything but apart from the obvious immensity in the form of our stylish, simplistic and superior name, website and service offering and the less than obvious attributes in that of our fetching, charismatic workforce, glistrr has much to shout about, sending us into a state of ‘Mephobia’… Read more »

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You’re having a giraffe…

My name’s Alan and I bought a giraffe… Ever watched that crazy scene from Hangover 3, when Alan’s driving down the interstate with a giraffe in the trailer and ploughs through a low clearance bridge? Well if not, I’m sure you can imagine the outcome and it’s far from pleasant! If you’re really that eager… Read more »

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What do we really do at glistrr?

That Question… When I bump into old friends, new faces and everyone else in between, I often get asked what I do for a living. A not-so-simple answer to that question would go something along the lines of; ‘working for a revolutionary, new startup in Belfast, specialising in event check-in and analysis’ but to most… Read more »

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It's Just 'Plane' Wrong

What the heck should I write about… So… if you managed to spend some time reading through our first blog post you’ll have some sort of idea of how glistrr came about, and if you didn’t, you should read more! I guess when we started planning this blog and deliberating on what we should talk about, we decided… Read more »

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