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What do we really do at glistrr?

That Question… When I bump into old friends, new faces and everyone else in between, I often get asked what I do for a living. A not-so-simple answer to that question would go something along the lines of; ‘working for a revolutionary, new startup in Belfast, specialising in event check-in and analysis’ but to most… Read more »

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It's Just 'Plane' Wrong

What the heck should I write about… So… if you managed to spend some time reading through our first blog post you’ll have some sort of idea of how glistrr came about, and if you didn’t, you should read more! I guess when we started planning this blog and deliberating on what we should talk about, we decided… Read more »

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glistrr - Our Story

From then to now… Since as far back as one can remember, I’m sure you’ll agree; our predecessors have always told us to make the most of every opportunity and open our eyes to the possibility of accomplishing our wildest dreams (For most of us, maybe not the astronaut we aspired to be, but to… Read more »

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