What do we really do at glistrr?

That Question…

When I bump into old friends, new faces and everyone else in between, I often get asked what I do for a living. A not-so-simple answer to that question would go something along the lines of; ‘working for a revolutionary, new startup in Belfast, specialising in event check-in and analysis’ but to most that answer will get a few nods of the head, a pair of glazed-over eyes, a puddle of drool forming on the ground and a “soooooo… what you up to this weekend?”.

The above statement, although not so easy to digest, is absolute gospel! I work for one of the capital’s newest startup companies, which through continuous innovation has radically transformed an existing process – in this instance pen and paper – meeting the changing needs of the market. These are the fundamentals of all new business (gosh, I should write a text-book) but it just so happens that glistrr encapsulates it superbly! Biased much?!

To put it simply…

glistrr has rewritten (oh, the irony) and continues to rewrite the complete check-in experience of the events industry; simplifying the process, ensuring efficiency, integrating social platforms, as well as encompassing a wealth of data implicit to each venue.

Our dedication to innovation is at the core of our ongoing success as we have a pipeline of concepts that will roll out in the coming months. Eeeeek!

Ok, that was a sales plug!

Apologies for that… had to get a slight sales pitch in there somewhere, but if you’ve stayed with us this far let us explain some more of what we get up to!

As an event goer – We make registration for events easily accessible to all through each venue’s Facebook App, keep you informed of your guestlist subscription and help you save some $$$dolla$$$ (or wonga, or dosh, or moolah).

As an event promoter – Registering all those above before and during events and getting paid is so much easier through our purpose built system.

As an event manager – With glistrr… Actually, hold that thought! Why not scroll to the top of this page and click the features tab?! It will give you a much better understanding of what we offer!


From now on when I’m asked what I do, what my job entails or what glistrr actually is, I will have pre-printed thousands of business cards, each with the URL to this post and help save on the worldwide production of wet floor signs!